Corporate Values

This is how we do it:



Everybody in touch with the Chr. Olesen Group shall be feeling welcome

• We welcome you to our dedicated and sincere group of companies, colleagues and services.
• We are honest and open to each other
• We know our history and work in order to continue our business of outstanding long term relationships and services.



We do not only serve – we are eager to solve

• Our motto is: The one who realizes the changes of society and adapts – survives
• Our way of working is proactive and flexible
• We are ambitious and want to make a difference
• We challenge ourselves to become better
• We are passionate in executing our jobs the best way possible
• We are decisive and not afraid of going new ways.



We are not only colleagues – we are more.

• We sincerely care and support each other
• We seek to create strong relationship both internally and externally
• Suppliers and customers are equally important to us
• We are reliable – a word is a word is fundamental for the Chr. Olesen Group
• We enjoy our jobs and have fun
• We are socially responsible
• We strive to ensure Chr. Olesen Group’s success into the next generation