Reliability is the quality assurance of everything we do

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Chr. Olesen FEED division distributes high-quality vitamins, amino acids, minerals, carotenoids and antioxidants to the animal feed producers and pre-mixers worldwide.


Our business concept is built on quality.


  • We ensure the product quality and product safety by assuring the necessary documentation package.
  • Our careful selection of the suppliers who have proven to comply with all necessary standards and regulations is a natural part of our long term strategic partnerships.
  • We ensure the right prices for our customers by constantly focusing on the market and market condition for all products.

We work with product safety according to ISO 9001, FAMI QS and FCA Ovocom certifications.

Either as a customer or supplier, you will encounter Chr. Olesen as a world-class company that strives to improve the competitive edge of your business.

Reliability is the quality assurance of everything we do.

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We supply our products timely and worldwide by our highly competent, flexible and service minded global shipping setup.

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