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In Chr. Olesen, we believe that being welcoming, dedicated, and sincere is key to delivering a reliable service to our customers. Chr. Olesen is a values-driven workplace, always exploring new ways to engage and drive excellence. Our dedicated and diverse workforce, operating on a global scale, motivates us to constantly learn and adapt to the changing demands of our environment.

Being a Chr. Olesen employee

One of the things that I appreciate about Chr. Olesen is their flat hierarchies and short decision-making processes. This means that everyone's contributions are valued - it is the people who make a difference.

Dr. Mandy KunderProduct Management & Order Processing

Chr. Olesen has provided me with the freedom to take on new challenges and grow my skills, allowing me to advance careerwise and personally. The supportive environment motivates me to continue being the best version of myself.

Morten FausborgSales Manager, Pharma API

It has been more than 5 years of dedicated work in the Chr. Olesen Group, in which all of them have experienced professional growth and always been pleasant to work together with such a great team. Much given to the set: environment + people + culture!

Daniel C. MagogaPartner

Working at a family company

As a family-owned company, we place high importance on fostering a sense of community and belonging. Our culture is centered around the core values of reliability and trust, which have been ingrained in us since our establishment in 1885.

Working at a family company like Chr. Olesen means being part of a close-knit community. Our employees are the backbone of our success, and we are committed to providing a safe, supportive, and inclusive working environment that allows everyone to thrive. In Chr. Olesen, you will have the opportunity to work alongside a diverse team of professionals who are welcoming, dedicated and sincere.

In Chr. Olesen, we offer a variety of career opportunities across our different business areas, including sales, quality assurance, customer service, logistics, finance, IT, human resources and communications. We believe in promoting from within and investing in our employees’ personal and professional development to help them reach their full potential.

Joining the Chr. Olesen family entails upholding the traditions and values that have shaped the company into what it is today, by embracing entrepreneurship and innovation, and pursuing a determined approach to drive our business towards further growth. We are excited to welcome you to our team.

Employee benefits

Healthy working environment

Healthy work environment: In Chr. Olesen, we prioritise creating a healthy work environment that empowers our employees to thrive and perform at their best.

Diversity and inclusion

We believe that diversity makes us stronger, and we welcome colleagues from different countries and cultures. Interacting and collaborating with international colleagues every day broadens our perspectives and enhances our skills.

Professional development

We value learning and growth and provide our employees with opportunities to develop and advance their careers. We believe in promoting from within and investing in our employees’ personal and professional development to help them reach their full potential.

Company culture

In Chr. Olesen, we emphasise a strong company culture to create a strong sense of community and belonging among our colleagues.

Group activities

We support group activities that foster positive relationships across our international organization, contributing to a supportive and inclusive company culture.

Chr. Olesen's colleauges having a coffee break at the office in Denmark
Chef of Human Resources speaks to her colleauge - Agnes
Mark Dale - an employee of Chr. Olesen presenting for his colleagues at the office in Denmark

A Global Distributor across Europe, Latin America, and the USA

Chr. Olesen Group is a family-owned company established in Denmark in 1885. Since 1992, we have expanded with subsidiaries in Europe, the USA, Brazil, and Mexico. Today, we operate with over 20 local companies in 8 countries.

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