We care a great deal about sustainability and the environment.


In Chr. Olesen we believe that social responsibility is a mandatory and natural part of being a recognized international player in the global distribution market. Chr. Olesen’s CSR principles are integrated in our daily business through our company values.



Human rights

In Chr. Olesen’s team of colleagues we welcome diversity as well as human rights. We comply to the relevant legislation including the CSR principles about working environment, working conditions and decent working hours as well as labour rights – including the protection of children- and young workers.


Ethic business behaviour

In Chr. Olesen we are dedicated and sincere people and high ethics is common in our professional behaviour and practice. We do not practice bribery or facility payments and corruption. We believe in the principles of free enterprise and fair competition.


Environmental protection

In our manufacturing part of the business, we comply with relevant legislation and undertake necessary environmental precautions.


Code of Conduct

Chr. Olesen’s compliance to the CSR principles is committed and confirmed in our Chr. Olesen’s Code of Conduct and this is aligned to the 10 CSR principles of UN Global Compact.


Download Chr. Olesen’s Code of Conduct