Reliability is the quality assurance of everything we do

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Chr. Olesen Pharma division distributes ingredients within 3 different business areas:

Human and veterinary active pharmaceutical ingredients and exclusive intermediates for pharmaceutical applications.


Chr. Olesen ChemPharm gmbH focuses primarily on exclusive intermediates for pharmaceutical applications and on fine chemicals for various applications in organic chemistry.

Our business concept is built on quality – and not only with the physical product itself as well as the documentation package at competitive prices, but furthermore, in combination with a reliable ability to deliver on time in strict compliance with all relevant standards and regulations demanded by our customers.

All customers may expect compliance with the GDP regulations and further international regulations for product safety including transports of the products.

Either as a customer or supplier, you will encounter Chr. Olesen as a World class company that strives to improve the competitive edge of your business.

Reliability is the quality assurance of everything we do.


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Products and Quality
A Quality Management System established at our suppliers is a basic prerequisite. A suitable ISO-certification, GMP-level working standards or even GMP-certificates are available with suppliers.

Own visits or successful audits by international customers qualify most of our suppliers additionally. A thorough process of adoption of specifications and MoAs as well as suitable sample allocation goes prior to any contract.

All customers may expect a quick return of their duly filled questionnaires and a warm welcome if visits or audits at our cooperating producers are required.


All EU-based customers will obtain their goods, which are handled and registered in compliance with REACH and CLP/GHS regulations. Non-EU customers may expect complete adoption of their shipping and labelling instructions.

All customers may expect compliance with international regulations for transportation of chemicals by our logistic partners.


Chr. Olesen ChemPharm GmbH markets intermediates of our Joint-Venture partner Zhejiang NHU Co. and their associated partners and approved suppliers. Selected producers of specialty chemicals in India, China and EU complete the supply base. Each represents dedicated chemistries and product groups, such as Acetone-based intermediates, intermediates for

Flavour & Fragrances, Acid-chlorides, Fluorine-compounds, building-blocks, intermediates and reagents for pharmaceutical and agrochemical applications. On top of this, we offer tailor-made intermediates (N-1, N-2) from a GMP-site in Yancheng/China dedicated to intermediates only (no APIs) as CMO.


We supply our products timely and worldwide by our highly competent, flexible and service minded global shipping setup.

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